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Happy Easter, one and all!

I have left it late and hubby is asleep as I type this, so I won’t be able to scan my scribbly pages tonight, but I will try to get them up tomorrow 😉  it has been a full-on day on the kid wrangling front, and hubby is very tired because we had to make sure we got up when the boys did. 

Why?  Well, we had hidden eggs in lots of places, and we wanted the kids to have their pointer sheet before they found all the yum without us (and we came down to discover them lolling in a chocolate-induced stupor…)  Unfortunately, that meant our day started before 7am!  We did feed them breakfast first, and they had little chicks in their favy colour for company, naturally 😉 

Eldest directed proceedings, and was in charge of counting what they’d already found, but Youngest was definitely a sniffer dog in another life!  He was ridiculously quick at finding the goodies!  We had to hold him back at times, to let Eldest have a fair shot…



From randomlists

I am continuing the philosophical mood from yesterday with tonight’s poem.  The boys were again pretty difficult to handle, despite having had a good wee jaunt around the house by 8am and the promise of intermittent chocolate…and both parents at their disposal (if they were nice to us).  Our house is stuffed full of toys after the birthdays, as I have mentioned before, and they don’t need to be near to each other if they don’t want to be; but they spent their time today narking at each other/taunting their parents/refusing to settle to anything even with an adult willing to spend time/telling us repeatedly that they were bored!!  It was miserable weather and they could not get outside, but still there was definitely no shortage of entertainment.  In the end, Eldest watched a bit of snooker with hubby, and Youngest wandered off to make up stories about superheroes and suchlike things.  They also watched the tablet for a bit, but it was not a very successful or productive day, really.  😛


Offer  Complain  Selective  Fabulous  Sea  Hair  Frame  One  Pipe 


I took her up on her un-offer,

Set out to complain until

My lips got sick of forming words,

And her hearing became selective.

But, as I sat in her fabulous craft room,

Surrounded by a sea of the dearest faces,

(Every hair-style they’d had since they were born,

(Almost) my crazy children…)

Each frame familiar, and yet ghosts to me.


It all ran into one, in my brain.


I argued for a bit, back and forth,

(Diverted my eyes from my great-grandparents,

Standing in their best attire;

Posing with the happy couple who raised me)

Half expecting some of the assembled ‘company’

To pipe up, because what I was saying was ‘wrong’.


I went home in the early hours

Because someone was pulling me;

Unseen, but present, and strong.

All the way back, I told the driver

(Who didn’t really care, but warmed to the topic)

About my Great Grandmother, and her sisters,

And the crafting legacy passed down (surely?).


And I missed them, those people, dead back in my teens:

My Great Grandfather, singing, and ‘chapping’ dominoes;

With slides of his travels, in never-ending reels.

I missed them: the stories, the safety.

The history held in furniture.  The biscuits and beverages –


And I again thought of my legacy,

As I stroked sleeping children’s heads

Covered them over, checked breathing.


Because it’s my turn, now.


They could only teach, these older heads.

I have to carry it on, as I am still here:

Do the parent thing so I can progress

To old age, and wisdom,

And sweet treats with tea.




Scribbly page one…

and scribbly page two

[I put the pages in on 18.4.17.  Ooops…]
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