Sedate? (Skye Posts III)

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I got some good ‘holiday’ words today – and I wrote a holiday poem!





Watch  Rest  Boot  Meaty  Birds  Sedate  Curly  Rapid  Handsome


I have time, here.

I can people- and boat-watch,

Rest while my mind

Kicks off each boot;

Tackles meaty topics

Surrounded by the cry of birds.


Some may call this sedate,

But I call it life affirming…


(The life inside of me

That doesn’t sit well

With curly-haired shenanigans,

Rapid-fire questions,

And that melting kind of handsome

I fall ‘victim’ to as ‘mum’)


We were on the beach at Elgol today, but it was not sunny until we came home 😉 there was also a lot of horse poop about, which we found strange as it is a shore full of large pebbles.  Navigating through the poop and uneven stones was…challenging…with our boys!

I nearly fell so many times I was beginning to understand why the horses’ bowels may have been so overactive…

Tricky tricky…

There was beautiful scenery on the drive there and, although the sky was moody, the shoreline was pretty impressive, too! The boys liked poking about in the couple of pools that were there, and searching for fossils that we had read we might find, but didn’t discover anything too interesting. 

Youngest did pick up a (thankfully clean!) heart-shaped pebble, however, and also pointed out a much larger one as well.  He’s good at seeing hearts in unexpected places!

We took a seat up on the rocks at the far end of the beach, but things went sour from there, as we had to pick our way back to the car – Youngest was tired and stumbling, while Eldest was impatient and not inclined to look where he was putting his feet…

Upsa-daisy, baby!

We left via a short detour to a cafe to find toilets, and Eldest and Hubby went and stocked up at Co-op while Youngest and I had a wee nap in the car.  I didn’t wake up until we were at the cottage!  I can’t usually sleep in awkward places.

If you look closely, there are SHEEP on this beach 😉

The sun had come out by that point, so I sat outside at the picnic table in the cottage garden for an hour or so, taking in the sea views, writing my poem, and letting my mind come up with lots of different ideas for future works 😊  Hubby took a sneaky photo or two.  I was wearing Eldest’s Spiderman cap (because Youngest’s Thomas the Tank Engine one didn’t fit, plus black went with my top, of course). 

Hard at work 😉

The boys were in a grumpy lazy mood, and were watching YouTube and playing free games on the tablet in the downstairs bedroom (and intermittently exclaiming over any cool stuff they saw out of the window) within earshot of hubby; who was scribbling song lyrics in his notebook.  Happy us 😉

After a yummy dinner of beef wraps (made by Hubby) the adults played a game of chess to introduce the rules to the kids for the first time.  I *won, but I made some moves I was kicking myself for, as it is really hard to think ahead when little inquisitive fingers keep poking the pieces about!



This looks tricky!


Aaaand she’s off for her victory lap around the kitchen!! (*We were playing that the king can’t take in check, as that was how I always played as a kid.  But according to the internet this is wrong.  Sorry Hubby…!)

The boys then played draughts against each other.  Eldest won and was very happy, and Youngest was grinning just because he got to participate, bless him.  He does love a board game!

I downloaded the day’s photos and did some bloggy stuff while Hubster got the kids bathed and suppered.  I then cuddled and read with the boys, snuggled up in their double bed.  Youngest loves having his big bro in the room with him, and Eldest said Youngest is: “my cutie-heady-hot-water-bottle-dog”.  Brotherly love, eh?! 😊

Hubby, meanwhile, cast a line off the pier near the cottage.  He caught a nice long bit of seaweed.  After our supper, Hubby went out for a wander and met a big toad ambling near our picnic table. He then went to explore the other side of the harbour for the first time, and took some lovely photos. (Hubby, not the toad).

I have stayed up writing into the early hours again, but it is so nice to sit at this window and look out on the harbour! 

I could never snap enough pictures of the light at different times of day here.  I feel like one of those property experts, taking in how the rooms change mood subtly depending on what the sky is doing.  I really love this cottage!

Sunset and wine, bliss!


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