Seascaping For A While (Skye Posts VI)

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Hiya 🙂

I forgot to mention yesterday that Hubby had gone for a walk before he made dinner, in order to investigate how one would get to Castle Moil, as it seemed to be so close to our cottage (see the walk description in the link, by scrolling down a bit).  Hubby followed the path from the pier, and took some great pictures of the sunken boat, and the sea-worthy one pulled up on the beach. 

Hubby realised that there must only be a way over to the outcrop at low tide, so he and the boys played chess and draughts until 11am in order to get as much beach as possible for their trip. 


Wee reminder of the rules…

Ewok or Scooby doo ghoul, do we think??

I checked for dry washing, tidied up a bit and took time over my breakfast before waving them off and having a shower.

My plan was to go for a wander down the waterfront today and take some pictures from the Skye Bridge, too.  I wrestled with my OneDrive downloads, as my phone has been refusing to transfer photos via USB for a few weeks now (!) and I really wanted our holiday pics to be backed up on a stick every day while we are away.  Unfortunately, this took a lot longer than expected (damn you, silly 2-gig laptop *shakes fist*) so the boys all trooped in just as I was getting my shoes on to head out!!

The boat is unsunk!

They had all been eaten alive by midges, it transpired, but there were a few good boat-watching tales and pictures that salvaged the outing!

I said my goodbyes and headed out about 12.30pm.  I walked down to the waterfront and took a few pictures, but I really wanted to walk up to the bridge.  It wasn’t a particularly windy day, but there was a lively breeze once I got up there.  On our first night here, I had overheard a French lady remarking that they had visited Skye in Autumn one year, and that the bridge had been closed due to high winds.  I can only imagine how scary it would be to stand in those conditions 😉

See the red circle? That’s our cottage as seen from the Skye side of the bridge!

It had taken me just over half an hour to get there from the cottage, so I had some time to breathe in the view before I headed back for my promised late lunch with Hubby at 2pm.  It’s a shame that it was so overcast, because my pictures really don’t do the place much justice.  I could see far into the distance from both sides (I’ve circled our cottage!), and I watched a couple of captains stop to have a brief chat over the side of their vessels.  I think one waved to me, but by the time I made up my mind to wave back, he was away under the bridge 😉 

I briefly wondered what mood I appeared to be in, and whether anyone had tried to jump from that spot before.  I’ve resisted Googling it, though…  Do you ever get these thoughts in high places?  Or is it just my morbid writerly mind?!

I took a snap of the lighthouse too, because I knew the boys would love to see it from above.

As I was leaving, I spied some steps that appeared to lead down to the beach at the waterfront.  I thought it might be nice to wander along, then come up to the bridge as a possible activity for tomorrow. I filed it away to tell Hubby about over lunch.

While walking back, I saw two signs I had failed to capture properly in my excitement when we first arrived on ‘the Skye side’.  Better late than never, eh?!

Just before I went back to see my menfolk, I went to the other side of the harbour from the cottage, and realised that there is a nice café there, called Harry’s.   I know a little man who is nuts about cafes, so I think we’ll have a bite to eat as our token meal out tomorrow morning 😉 I also took some more photos from that angle, of course (and phoned Hubby so the boys could get a kick out of waving to me from the livingroom window, heehee).


Hubby and I did indeed have lunch together at the agreed time, and the kids (who had been nicely playing with daddy) came and had a snack, watched a lovely sailboat in the harbour, then went and shared the tablet and let me hang out a washing.  I also attempted to do some picture uploading again, and worked towards putting my second post about our holiday out.

It has been a few days since Eldest has had a good long walk and time with me by himself, so I took him to explore the other side of the harbour, as he had been asking to see it.  As we walked, he asked me about my time on the bridge, and begged to see it on a walk with me tomorrow.  I said I didn’t mind doing that with him, but that it was a bit of a trek – and Youngest probably wouldn’t like that!

Eldest and I looked out over the water together (the snap of him beside the pic of the kids is him viewing part of this project) and then walked behind the houses opposite our cottage to have a closer look at the red telephone box Youngest and I had spied from the single bedroom.  Eldest was too busy to have his picture taken in front of it, however 😉

Eldest asked lots of questions about where roads led and why things were built or done the way they were, as usual. I love how much he thinks about operational matters.  He explained that he wants to see how far away the bridge is from our cottage, and also if any large boats go under it while we’re looking down.

We got back around 6.30pm and Hubby went out for a chippie, which we all enjoyed.  There was bread and a choice of raspberry or strawberry jam for afters, followed by more chess in the livingroom before baths etc.

Tonight’s poem did not come to me very easily, and I tried two different starts before I alighted on the ensemble below – so my 15 minutes felt very tight!  There is a rhyme and rhythm in the below though, so I didn’t do too badly:



Roast  Tactic  Greatest  Hearts  Cave  Haunting  Mother  Ballroom  Deformity


I began to roast

He continued to boast

And I watched every tactic

Work well.


He loved my attire

Talked of hearts being on fire

He’d begun to cave now

I could tell.


I’d been haunting this spot

For three weeks, now he’d caught

On to my charming ways

And was smitten.


My mother’d be pleased

And go weak at the knees:

For his ballroom suaveness

Was fitting.


But my ‘deformity’

Is that I can’t just BE,

When things go this nicely:

I wander.


So this beautiful man

Will (probably) be canned –

I’ll go hunting for more love

To squander.


My discarded first attempts at working with the generated words were:


Roast child for tea?

A tactic I’ve used regularly,

Always the greatest delicacy

(I ‘kid’ you not)


Although their hearts

(Obviously a nonsense/fairytale poem-to-be!!) And then:

It was over his mother’s roast

That it hit home:

This wasn’t at all like I’d pictured.

Then the segue into what I ended up with.  I can’t always explain the exact way my mind works, I find it just best to roll with it 😉

I love the lamp by the livingroom window that my page is snapped beside.  There are so many pretty things in and around this house, I feel I need another week to take all of them in properly!!


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    Gorgeous pictures, fun text and very nice poem

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    Awww thank you, always good to score a hat trick! X

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