Scary Visions – Part 1

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Hello 🙂

I have a new title and theme, provided by Sandy!

*Monty does a happy dance*

Ideas about what I could do with “Scary Visions” and ‘Nightmares’ have been crowding my head for a day and a half now, but I have no concrete plan as yet!

I just set the timer and wrote for 20 minutes, and this is what I came up with:


She was trying to cool her coffee, but the fire came back again.  Her gums ripped with the expanding fangs, and her black shoes changed into hooves.hooves

There was no longer a café; the beverage had begun to stink of copper.  Somewhere, a woman screamed…about toast going cold.  It was urgent: chilled toast was outlawed in the kingdom of Breaking Fasts.


Yes!  There was to be a meeting at the town hall, because apparently someone had found schoolbags growing legs and skulking under furniture; awaiting their chance to bite unsuspecting ankles and spit impossible homework across freshly cleaned floors.

As she looked down at her hands, she realised they had also metamorphosised into giant claws that dropped balls at every opportunity because they never learned about discipline.  The only thing they were good for now was painting with stolen varnish in a fetching shade of…

“So have you READ it?”


“The part of my contract that says I have to put up with your slovenly ways and sense of entitlement!  Why the devil do I bother?!”

“No idea…” said Marilyn, stumbling out of bed and away from her mother’s wrath.

(192 words)


Nope, still no real clue…


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