Scary Visions – Final Edit

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Or, to name this post more accurately, ‘the edit as it will stand until I get the courage to scrap most of what I’ve written and do the show, not tell version…!!’

I have a bit of a story arc, a start and a conclusion, a nod towards what the prompt was.  I have different characters and a background to most of them properly worked out. But…

Anyway, I’ll let you read it and see what you think.  I know what needs changed and why I don’t like it, and that’s the main thing.  There are still over 2,500 words that have been put down within a week on the same topic.  This is awesome practice and a learning experience…and that is why I’m here. 😉

Thanks very much for the prompt, Sandy!!

The link below should take you to the PDF.  See you tomorrow for the beginning of a new story!

Scary Visions in full



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2 Responses to “Scary Visions – Final Edit”

  1. PrettyKoolDame Says:

    Great story. I have no experience in being a new mother but I was able to get a feel through your story. I love the “visions” parts. The ending was pretty perfect to me too. 🙂

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Awww what a lovely review, thank you xxx

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