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How has your day gone?

I have been telling myself all the things I need to get done today, and yet feel like I have been moonwalking  through treacle.

*Revels in that image for a second*

Do you ever get days where the so-called motivational talks you give yourself have the completely opposite effect?  I was definitely on procrastination overdrive; but I also fear that statement may actually be an oxymoron.

I blame the party planning (or the lack of planning that has led to these jitters).  I have soooo much to dooooo and a few days to do it in that could easily accommodate it all if I’d just stop panicing.  I am actually bonkers…

I had a better day than the speaker in my poem.  I’ll hang onto that.


Perfume  Dump  Zero  Gold  Middle  Behaviour  Scandal  Cream  Acute


Her perfume sailed gaily, all around

As she proceeded to dump me –

Zero fluffs given.

The gold hoops swinging from her ears

Waved over her shoulders,

As she left me sitting there.


I raised a futile middle finger back.


Apparently, this behaviour

Caused a bit of a scandal

In the Sunday café.

I chose to depart,

Before the cream in my hot chocolate

Had even had time to dissolve.


I tripped on her foot,

The head pain acute,

As I sprawled on the old dear’s handbag.

I looked up at her face,

She said: “You’re a disgrace!

I hope your girlfriend won’t come back!”


Notebook scribbles

Were you expecting the ending?  And why does it rhyme?!

Both good questions.

The truth is, I was not expecting any of this poem.  I was too busy forcing myself to put pen to paper, and decreeing that I use a generated word in each of my lines until it was over. (I then added that a theme might be a good touch…)

The one word per line thing worked until I got to ‘middle’:

Will I go for a rude gesture?  No.  I’ll make the speaker double over in pain!  No.  Rude gesture it is, but how do I link it to ‘gold’? Oh!  It links to ‘behaviour’ and ‘scandal’…!

Then I got stuck on ‘cream’, so had to say that the drama was taking place in a café. But how the heck was ‘acute’ going to fit?!  I was back to the pain angle again, and had no idea how to elbow that in (if you excuse the pun).  There was only about five minutes left!!

Then this pensioner’s scone shoe appeared as the speaker was approaching the door…


Have you ever had a break-up in a public place?  Did it have disastrous consequences too?!


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