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After my poem about Tony Robbins yesterday, I had a bit of a deeper thought about the whole looking at women for inspiration thing.

This lead me to Diana Nyad’s TED talks. 

I watched the one that she did AFTER her epic swimming achievement, first.  She looked younger than in one she did before it!!

I can’t actually fathom (pun left…) wanting to swim in the ocean for over 50 hours now – and when I get to be over 60 years old I doubt that will change!! 

Nyad is truly inspirational.


Shackle  Cathedral  Committee  Pick  Despicable  End  Cortex  Drive  Auxiliary


Do not shackle me by age

I do not worship at the altar

Of popular opinion;

Or bend my knees

In the cathedral of your views.


I need no committee

To render me worthy

Of fulfilling my dreams.

Pick a side, if you must,

But don’t stand in my way.


It seems despicable to me

To end my days

Regretting decisions

Plucked from others’ cerebral cortex.


I have a huge drive to succeed –

Your auxiliary caution

Is sweet, but weighs me down.



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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Good poem

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks 😊 x

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