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Dobrý den 🙂

I’ve noticed from my blog stats that I have had a repeat visitor from the Czech Republic over the last wee while, so I am giving them a *wave* with my opener today!

As is the case with all my lovely readers, I am glad you are enjoying the fruits of my labours! Feel free to get in touch through the comments here on the blog, my Twitter or Facebook page if you have suggestions for new creative stuff you’d like to see me tackle; or tell me what works (or doesn’t) for you 😉

Today I was more ‘restless’ than usual and played with the generated words twice.

I wrote the first poem at around 10.30am, and the second around 6pm.  I am not really ‘feeling’ either of them, but think the second one has maybe got a backstory I could develop?!


River  Therapist  Annual  Ignorance  Reserve  Fine  Movement  Past  Update




She called herself a River Therapist,

Helping people move on from their annual display of ignorance:

Those lists of what they were going to do,

How they planned to push forward

(That were never ‘smart

No matter how hard they tried)


She took her clients to her own nature reserve

Where, even when it rained,

There was fine art to enjoy;

Beauty to savour,

And deliberate movement

Through mindfulness and Yoga.


She broke unhelpful ties to the past,

Taught meditation by the water;

Followers sending all negative thoughts downstream

And becoming one with the promise

Of Swan wings and freedom:

An update and overhaul of purpose.






We looked out upon the river

In my first year as his therapist.

He had an annual renewal set up

That he could rethink, whenever.


His continued sojourns to my office

Were not born of self-ignorance,

Or any kind of reserve

In his zest for life.


It was a very fine movement:

The relaxing of his shoulders,

The twitch as his brow settled –

But I became his…meditation.


A safe space where is past and future

Could be talked about;

Where each update to his life

Could be poked at in great detail.


I felt like his business partner

(And was sometimes paid as such:

Each Christmas bonus

Appearing, bigger than the last)


But my musings seemed to calm him

And he valued my insight.

Many schemes were tested

While I nodded, or gave pause.


See what I mean?! I think there are definitely a few questions to answer about this guy…


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