Revolving – Parts 1 & 2

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I’m back with two parts of the new story written, so that we are where we should be at this time on a Tuesday – despite me being lazy and not putting up a post on my birthday 😉

Katie gave me the title of Revolving and the theme of ‘bullying at school’ as my prompts for this week. 


So Part 1 goes like this…


My pen: loaded.

Ink-spattered bodies


Poisoned by my prose;


By my artful hand.


Trying to escape my truth,


As it closes in.


A blind corridor

No mercy.

Feel my agony

As it ricochets around.


I’m in the Headmaster’s office.  He’s making me a ‘nice cup of tea’ and speaking ridiculously gently.  I’m missing Chemistry for this, so I’m going to try and spin it out as long as I can. 

There’s been a power shift, it’s almost audible in the air around me.  My aura is crackling…or something.  I feel like I could shatter lightbulbs in here!  I’m making him nervous.

I’m beyond proud of myself.  And also scared…

(113 words)


And here is my second 20-minute scribble:


Boy wth glasses, twirling a penI find, when adults are edgy like this, it is best to just keep quiet and not tip the balance too soon.  I wasn’t expecting the sugar hit from the tea to be quite as intense, but then who doesn’t need a pick-me-up in the afternoon?  I checked out the school trophy cabinet when my specs cleared from the steam.

There’s a knock at the door.

“Ah.” said Mr. McKenna, rising from his seat behind the large desk.  To my surprise, my father was standing in the corridor.  “Glad you could make it at such short notice, Mr…?”

“Graves.”  said Dad.  (I use my Mother’s surname).

“Graves!” said Mr. McKenna, with mock-jovality “Of course! Come in, come in!”

Dad sat in the chair beside me:  “So…what’s this all about…Mr. McKenna, is it…?”

“Yes.  Well, I just thought you’d like to read a poem Russell left on his desk the other day…in English,” said Mr. McKenna.

So that’s where it went.

“A poem…?” said my Dad, looking confused.  “I left work early for a poetry reading…?”

I winced inwardly for Mr McKenna.

“Well, the management team and I thought it was important, given the current climate…” said Mr. McKenna

“The climate” repeated my Dad.


Dad frowned.  “What climate would that be, exactly?”

“Maybe you should read it” said Mr. McKenna

“Maybe you should answer my question”  said my Dad.

(229 words)


Again those pesky tenses have been plaguing me!  However, I am interested in these characters and where they could lead me, so that’s a big plus 😉

I’ll see you tomorrow for more!


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