Revolving – Part 5

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The drama continues…


Fargle turned it all into smut the next day:

“Hey!  Henderson!  Saw you snogging your mum last night, up the back of the cinema!”  his band of henchmen sniggered, and a few girls’ heads turned in our direction, too.

I kept walking.

“I’m talking to you, Russell!  It’s not very polite to ignore me, you Mother F****** bastard!” There was a general intake of breath from onlookers.

“Oh, I’m sorry, old chap.  You were being so gentlemanly I hadn’t realised it was you talking, Garble”

“It’s FARGLE” he said, drawing himself up to his full height.

“Is it?” I said, smiling.  “Y’know, Freud would have been very interested in your Oedipal fixations, Garble.  You do know that you can spend time with your Mother in your teens without it being in any way sexual, yeah?”

“Yeah, I do.  I’m not the one snogging my mum in the back row!” he laughed.

“And neither am I, Garble.  We were eating popcorn like everyone else.  And we were in the row in front of you, as well you know as you spent the whole movie trying to hit us with yours.” [popcorn]frog at cinema

“To break you up! God, I don’t want to see you all over your own Mother, it’s sick!  Get yourself a proper girlfriend!”

“What…like you have with young Marshall here?!” I said, pointing to Fargle’s right hand man.  “He was YOUR date last night, wasn’t he?”

“Shut up, Henderson!” said Marshall.

“Ooo, touchy!  Think I hit a nerve there” I smirked.

“I’ll hit more than that, you sicko!  I’ll – ”

Mr Fargle!” came the voice of the headmaster behind us “kindly desist from raising your hands to others, and be on your way…”

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