Revolving – Part 3

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So, here is the third instalment…


Mr McKenna shifted in his seat and there was a faint buzzing from somewhere near the window.  My tea had gone cold.

“It’s the subject matter: it’s…delicate” said Mr McKenna, at last.


“Yes.” Mr McKenna slid the piece of paper over to my Dad, who took it without his eyes leaving the Headmaster’s face.

“Pornographic, is it?” asked my Dad.

“Just read it!” I sighed.  “Tell us how many mixed metaphors you’ve found, denounce it as ‘school boy emotional crap’ and let’s move on, eh?!  I’m missing Chemistry.  You know, where I’ll learn to blow up the school properly?”

It was Mr McKenna’s turn to wince.

Dad gave me one of his icy stares.

“Yes: I’m such a disappointment.”  I rolled my eyes. “Mr McKenna, there is no need to bring my Father in again.  As you can see: he’ll be no help in making me less prone to violent thoughts, vengeful tendencies or antisocial rhetoric.  He’s troubled too, probably needs counselling – definitely needs an attitude adjustment…”

“Russell!  That’s quite enough!”  said my Dad, in a tight voice.

“I agree, Russell; that’s not very helpful at this juncture…” [came my Headmaster’s reply]

The glassware in the cabinet was positively vibrating it seemed.  I turned and left, balance still tipped to me.

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Hmmm, not the easiest of school meetings!  Which character are you feeling the most sympathy for, three parts in?!



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