Retailing It Like It Is

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Hi, you!

I had no one particular in mind when I wrote the following, but it is definitely akin to the sentiments I


would have in my younger days at work in various retail establishments!  It was ‘reduce’ that got me thinking along these lines, and I just had fun with it from there 😀

(I had to look up ‘recondite’, but thankfully it didn’t send me off course).



Reduce   Flood   Billowy   Week   Knee   Paint   Natural   Smash   Recondite

My gun, poised:

I wish I could

Reduce his damn head

With my stickers!


I imagined the flood

Of the blue-tinged words

I had inside

Crashing into him.


Him: falling to the floor.

Me: victorious, with gun

Held aloft.

                   *Battle cry*

Wind in my billowy hair…


But it’s just another week.

I’m here on bended knee,

Begging paint to stack,

While acting natural.


One fist is all –

One lucky SMASH

Of bone and gristle!!

It would just take ONE…


I’ll be famous soon

Look down on this –

This – recondite man

And his poxy empire.


That’ll show him.



Have you ever felt like this at work? That all-consuming rage merrily bubbling up inside you but knowing you must smile at customers (your eye twitching, slightly) and act like you are not, actually, someone who could snap at any moment?!

I’d love to read your stories in the comments…!




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