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I wanted to write a poem about the UK’s snap election, and also allude to the revelations that are coming out of America. 

I was gifted with appropriate generated words, so here goes:







Tool  Drain  Virgin  Disappointment  Slant  Fist  Result  Presidency  Customer


Our worries: used as a tool

To drain the colour from an opponent’s face.

Who shouts loudest –

Has the best lines –

Will win the play (and day).


Nervous teens, poised for their virgin vote,

Already steeped in disappointment:

That adulthood

Did not mean freedom –

No matter which slant one adds.


Experienced casters, shake their fist

At the establishment;

Heckle the upstarts

(Are none too happy with any result

Others have come up with)


And, as the world cringes

At what the ‘Free World’

Hails a presidency;

It would appear that not many on Thursday night

Will be a happy customer of democracy…


It has been a crazy few months on the political front! I know which way I’m voting, but I am apprehensive about how it’ll all turn out for the country…when did I start caring so much, anyway?!

I think I’ll be watching the BBC News Channel a lot again over the next 36 hours or so 😉 good luck, Britain!


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