Responsive (#NaPoWriMo Day 18)

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Hello 🙂

The prompt for today asked me to read someone else’s poem from end to beginning, responding to each line as I went.  It suggested that it should be a poem I didn’t know.  I thumbed through my copy of Modern Scottish Women Poets and chose a two-verser by Elise McKay entitled “No Answer” that I hadn’t read before:


Here is my poem:


A life emblazoned on a screen –

Rainbows – 

It spoke of things I didn’t want to see again:

Ingratitude, incongruence.


I bought myself some roses,

Became blurred around the edges.


I tiptoed into the shadows.

Sometimes I refuse to write: 

An empty vessel, screaming.

I’ll always give into the impulse eventually…


This pleasing mentality can blind me.


Sometimes a phrase can sit awkwardly on a page;

Words are only fleeting,

I’m only human.


Sometimes memory is better left unetched.


This was a surprisingly fun exercise!


[Page is from ISBN: 1 84195 526 4]



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