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Good Afternoon!

From Random Word Generator

I had a longer time than usual to write and think this morning, as hubby went on the nursery walk with our youngest and I wandered back home alone. 

I had Pink playing on Spotify, and sauntered along, miming the words and swinging littlest’s latest book pick in its special bag.  It was pretty windy (storm Doris is due) and a bit nippy in the finger department, but it sounds and smells like Spring out there. Yippee!

The first word in today’s selection instantly made me think of our boys, the eldest in particular.  I must have to straighten his clothes at least five times before I let him out, and he still always looks scruffy 😉

This morning our eldest had an ongoing disagreement with a friend he was reluctant to go back to, so we had to talk around possible solutions to that for a bit before he acquiesced to putting outdoor layers on.  I am glad he chats these things through with me, however I wish issues would surface an hour or so earlier, sometimes… 

I was lucky in that hubby had taken the day off work, so I didn’t have a 1.5 mile obstacle course to tackle after hugging my boy, but could just bundle him in the car!

What followed from the fixing of the collar in the poem, I am sure any mum of school aged kids can relate to; if they don’t homeschool! It took every scrap of my 15 minutes to get the lines to scan and make sure all the words were fitted in, but I’m quite pleased with it at far as it goes!


Collar  Unfair  Beginning  Resignation  Particular  Lack  Railcar   Embarrassment  Cave

So I fix his crooked collar,

Ruffle his unruly hair;

He pouts a little, but still loves me

(While muttering that it’s unfair)


Yes, a new school day beginning,

Resignation being hard won;

This morning, in particular,

Mum is not feeling the fun!


But once he’s in the playground:

Lack of energy…? Restored!

Racing off in line’s direction

(Being the ‘leader’ his reward)


Later, I come home to silence,

Fix a railcar’s track, tweak books

(‘Case the mess should cause embarrassment

If postie into our ‘cave’ looks…)


Poetic purpleness


The ‘lack of energy’ line, hubby says, is ambiguous.  But I meant that our eldest’s energy has come back in the playground, so I tried to convey that by tweaking the punctuation.  I didn’t cheat and go back to change the words 😉

How was your morning?  Do your kids resist school every day, or just sometimes?  Do you have a chart that gets them moving or some other motivator?

Come, chat to me in the comments 🙂


[Photo credit: I took this last year on our way home from school, as usual our eldest is ignoring others’ path in life! Love him.]
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4 Responses to “Resignation”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    A very nice little poem and I knew at once that the restored energy was *your son’s.

    *edited to remove name*

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Ah fab, thanks Jane! x

  3. Sandra Says:

    Sums up mornings before bell goes. Love how all the kids energy rises as they start a new day at school. X

  4. Montaffera Says:

    😛 such fun! X

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