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Hey there you 😉

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For the first time I can remember, it appears that a “character” from a previous poem has come back to tell us how they’re doing!

The speaker in this one, I’m pretty sure, is the same one as two days ago (here).  Thankfully, they seem on their way to being much happier, now!





Symbol  Release  Wealth  Fog  Meat  Philosophy  Hen  Application  Product


As a symbol of my release

I cleaned off the black nail varnish.

A wealth of fresh ideas

Suddenly jostled through the fog.

My frame no longer prey

For those who liked their meat lean;

I realised my philosophy of life

Was worth sharing.


I whispered it at first,

Sounding crazy to myself,

Elucidating, growing stronger as I aged.

“Hen, you’re mental but I like you!”

Just spurred on my application

Some rough-cut thoughts slow-forming

Into some product I could use.


The green green mass of tome…

If we think back to Cellblock, we had left the speaker fearful of a life beyond high school.  They had bulimia, purging themselves of the poison of ludicrous expectations. 

The black nail varnish being removed, to me, is indicative of a shedding of a skin.  A taking down of a barrier between them and society, but also between them and their true nature. 

There is a whole goth/emo persona that can be donned when one feels misunderstood and ‘alternative’. I feel that the speaker may have embraced the styling because trying to fit into the fickle fashions of the mainstream was pointless.  You either have it or you don’t, the speaker appears to have felt s/he would be “wrong” no matter what s/he did, so stopped trying.

Better, surely, to embrace the dark side of their character, as that is where their thoughts lingered most of the time due to the taunts…

I think the speaker was trapped mostly in the prison of their own mind, in the end.  When enough people tell you something about yourself, it seems arrogant to disagree.  It becomes part of the chatter in your head over time.  It becomes part of your accepted truth.

I see today’s poem as the speaker shaking themselves awake, flexing their wings, and realising there is a whoooole wide sky to soar in   😀


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    Very interesting ideas

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    Thank you 😊

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