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As I have no doubt mentioned a few times before, I write at least 500 words every day as part of my daily creative practice. Sometimes it is ‘just’ rambles about my day or working out a thought/feeling on the screen (or paper)…but yesterday evening I decided to revisit the Random Word Generator site and write a poem.

This extended to a total of SIX random word poems in the end, so I will share two of my favourite ones below.

Both poems are about relationships that left an impression on the speaker, and both poems use the first two generated words as a small phrase that gave me the idea for the rest of the narrative 😉  I hope you enjoy them!

(As usual I got the generator to spit out nine words for each poem, following the procedure outlined here.)


With her lucky horseshoe smile

And kind manner

I felt my axis tip;


We all hear that life is no rehearsal

But, in that small café,

I wondered whether there were acts we just forgot we’d aced.


While her eyes were the hook

I knew I should depend upon the frisson ‘cross my skin…


Amber was the liquid of my heart

Her memory suspended there by time.





It was a college confrontation

Every painter, he said, produced rubbish with a plan.

Every teacher had failed at life.

Every rule abider had no passion in their soul…


His poetry swirled me like an autumn leaf

I wailed a waterfall

Or waged a war

At mere words.


I remember the last time

The doors slid closed;

Every button still shone

Alive from his touch.



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  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    Very nice to read your poems again 🙂

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Very nice of you to say so! Thanks! X

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