Re-visitation – #inktober2019 – Day 11

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Hey there!

Today we seem to have been revisited by one of the characters from Day 4, for our Inktober prompt of “snow”…

Our boys think that the alien is looking at the children on a screen, but I think it’s probably the view through the big window that we saw when her ship was behind her, while playing with the adult alien? She seems to be parked quite close to the action, so I am wondering if her ship has its cloaking device activated?!

Anyway, I sketched the scene out in pencil as you can see above, then inked the foreground in a wider pen than the background, to try and get a sense of distance:

The black tree was a bit weird, however, almost looking like it had grown from the screen/window surround! I decided to paint over it a bit in my white watercolour to try and make it look like it had snow on it. (I had attempted to revive our very dried-up correction fluid with a bit of water, but it didn’t play nice).

Unfortunately my white paint in the pan was more like a pale pink from the last time I had used it, but by the time I had put in the sky and brighter bushes etc it wasn’t that noticeable.

I may have gone a bit overboard with the autumnal colour scheme, but who says it’s even our planet she’s viewing, eh?!

I mostly coloured the children in with my pencils because they are small and fiddly. I used watercolour for other things, including the nice vibrant yellow of our alien friend, but I must say: something about the lines and the shape of her head without the hat remind me of Tweety Bird!!

To the naked eye, the green around the window is all the same intensity, but for some reason when I photograph it, it seems much paler to the right and by the alien. *shrugs*

And so concludes Day 11 😉 what fun can I have with Day 12’s prompt of “dragon”, do we think…?

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