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did not have a clue what rastling meant, but the rest of the words were not too bad.  This is a very short post this evening because I am through at my mum’s 😉


Boom  Gobbling  Bogeyman  Attacking  Hearse  Eat  Rastling  Beard  Wreck


And BOOM here comes the gobbling

Of my thoughts by the vindictive Bogeyman:

Attacking the core of my being

And fanning the good deeds away.


And, advancing, the hearse of my sanity;

With vultures to eat all of my dignity

As (rastling with hopelessness anyway)

I succumb to the crushing futility.


To beard all this pressure and mayhem

Takes more than I’m willing to muster;

Every time I do shore up the courage

The fiend is determined to wreck it.




Notebook page



The definition of ‘beard’ I used is number seven in this link

Have you battled the ‘Bogeyman’ recently?  Are you still winning?


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