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So I need to write this post quickly and scoot off again, I’m afraid!  Our house is a bombsite and my mum is going to kip over in our playroom tomorrow night.  She doesn’t mind mess, but I think she is kind of expecting a bit of space to move around…?

Sunday is Youngest’s party, so I am also hoping to at least pile everything we need in one place, now that most of the actual buying is out of the way.  Hubby is going to need to take about two carloads to the church hall we’ve booked, as blown up balloons take up quite a lot of space!  It’ll be a case of letting our kids run riot while I pay the money we owe to the lady there, and refamiliarise myself with where everything is kept.  We use the hall every year, but little things can change.

I think there may be a few lists drawn up tomorrow evening!  I know it is all planned out in my head really (I love my subconscious) but the paper is my friend.  Plus I can refer to it instead of  repeating myself twenty times if people want to know how to help me. 

By 1pm or so on Sunday it’ll all be over. 

Breathing calmly here, honest…

Today’s words were pretty straightforward for a Jimpix day.  I didn’t feel like fitting the Muppets in my poem, so I looked up ‘gonzo’ and was pleasantly surprised that I had found a much easier definition to fit in!


Needles  Rascal  Sassy  Lights  Poll  Pour  Saw  Firm  Gonzo


Though their behaviour needles me –

Each tousled rascal with their sassy mouth –

They truly are the lights that brighten life.


Incessant in their quest to poll

Everyone they meet: as to their

Superhero leanings, or their culinary faves.


They pour affection on us all

Eagerly share what they saw or said;

Stand firm in their neediness and love.


It does one good to be around

Those who are still new, still questioning –

Still feed my ‘gonzo’ journals with their truth.



Notebook page

I need to read into Gonzo Journalism a bit more.  Had you heard of it before?

I loved watching our youngest showing his nursery teachers the wee picture compilation I cobbled together at eye-gone-to-sleep-without-me-o’clock last night.  He got a wee crowd around him and was so animated. Bless his wee curly bonce!!

These kids are totally worth all the worry and uncertainty.  Even the washing pile. 

They are chock full of life lessons, the wisest teachers I could ever ask for.  The least I can do is arrange a damn party or two, eh?!


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    A nice little poem, full of feeling

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks x

  3. Jennifer Patino Says:

    Hunter S Thompson is one of my favorite writers.

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