Rappel – Day Eight – #NaPoWriMo21

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I hated today’s prompt. I awoke later than planned and didn’t get the time to really sit with the feelings that came up for me, either: 

I call this one “Return to Spoon River,” after Edgar Lee Masters’ eminently creepy 1915 book Spoon River Anthology. The book consists of well over 100 poetic monologues, each spoken by a person buried in the cemetery of the fictional town of Spoon River, Illinois.

Today, I’d like to challenge you to read a few of the poems from Spoon River Anthology, and then write your own poem in the form of a monologue delivered by someone who is dead. [from NaPoWriMo.net]


I scribbled another poem that was whispering to me, but it wasn’t related.

My sons barrelled in around 8.45am and found me staring out of my bedroom window with tears on my cheeks, and I couldn’t explain that my thoughts are with a friend facing her grief head on today, as well as with those the pandemic has touched, and my younger self, and with all the tellers of the stories of loss and pain I have ever heard.  Where does one start with that?! 

The boys were offering hugs, so I gladly took them, but it all soon descended into a drama about Nerf Guns (!)  (If you have seen the Snickers advert with the Gremlin, you will understand why Eldest is not at his best before breakfast!  😉)

So anyway, I had read the parts of the specified anthology that talked about the Pantier family, and couldn’t really get into it.  I wrote half a ‘poem’ before the kids came through, and half after they went to get themselves fed (eventually. Why do they refuse so much?!). 

I don’t want to play about with what I scribbled, I just want to post it up and move on.  I hope tomorrow’s prompt is a kinder one!


Welcome to the pit

Where my hushed bones lie in order,

No longer protesting

At my wasted energies.


Gone is the womb that held

Your beginnings, wrapped in my second born.


Gone is the brain we prized,

Gone is the perfumed flesh,

– my laugh

– my tears.


My spark is out.


How much do you love me now?



Urgh 🙁 


In happier news (!!) Eldest really enjoyed the Fortnite-themed shenanigans in the park with his friends yesterday.  It was lovely to hear our boys (Youngest went too) relating all their team manoeuvres and near-misses to both sets of (slightly confused) grandparents over the phone 😉 I’m so glad another mum suggested I booked them in for the event!  Poor Eldest never got a party last year for hitting double figures, but he’ll definitely remember his 11th .

We were also doorstepped by some friends later, and the naughty twosome gave both our boys presents.  I always feel a little guilty for having bestowed birthdays just eight days apart, but our friends and family are lovely about it! I dread to imagine what any joint  21st/18th party will look like, however! I think I’ll move out until that hangover subsides from them…

Take care, and I’ll ‘see’ you tomorrow 😊


Monty X


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    Spring is here and with it better times must come. Onwards and upwards, my darling

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