Ranty McRant Face – Day Nineteen – #NaPoWriMo21

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How Do?!

This was napowrimo.net’s prompt:

Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a humorous rant. In this poem, you may excoriate to your heart’s content all the things that get on your nerves. 

I’ve spent a lot of time talking/texting with another of my inspirational friends over the last three weeks or so.  Her commitment to taking action and working through problems is amazing.

So, what is getting on my nerves the most?

Yours truly!

It’s actually quite often the case, if I burrow down into my disgruntledness.  Endlessly boring, but there you go.  I wrote a rant anyway (not like me, lol).  It’s not particularly funny.


I’m sick to death of being ‘me’

the things I think about! I see

the worst that could go wrong, and yes

the grains of truth in every jest.

(To hear me speak you’d never guess

that I’m incredibly blessed)

I analyse the faintest hint

someone has found out that I’ve lint

where one would oft expect a brain.

My indolence provides no gain.


My reticence is in the spots

it shouldn’t be, and I have lots

of places where I should hold back

and don’t; so they then all attack

my sense of worth.  I talk too much

without any true point as such,

and think too far, but get nowhere;

hoard crafty stuff with undue care;

cry buckets at the simplest things;

hatch schemes that never comfort brings;

toil for hours with no pay, but

claim employment churns up my gut.


Watch all the influencers list

ways to catch up on all I’ve missed,

so get fired up, do twenty chores

(for which I’m usually too bored)

and end resentfully, in bed,

my pelvis aching, and my head.


But Jordan Peterson extolls

the best way to myself enrol:

it’s just to bargain (not to rule

as if I was thrown back in school

would even listen to the gist

when standing shaking cranal fists).


Just be fair (and even gentle)

on myself, and don’t go mental!

He doesn’t get my game is lost

before it starts, despite the cost:

Self-sabotage is waaaay too fun –

who doesn’t love a frantic mum?!


Just to underline some of the points above, this poem took so long to construct that I am going to have to throw this on the blog and scarper to collect the kiddies (I’ve done some housework today too, however 😉 )

Take care and I’ll ‘see’ you for Day 20. Byeeeeee!


Monty X


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