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It has seemed like a busy day today, it’s always a small shock to the system when I walk 9 miles again after hubby has been working from home and ferrying us about!  I also did housework today.  I know! Miraculous!

So I had hoped to write my poem when I came home after dropping Youngest off at nursery, but I got chatting to lots of lovely people on and offline, and didn’t.  To be honest I felt much better for all the chat, anyway.  Helps me get fresh perspectives on stuff.

I also looked at the stats for the blog a bit, and popped a post or two on Facebook, and caught up with the news…all very productive!

It was a Jimpix day today, so I researched the words ‘ranivorous’ and ‘aquifer’, and also checked I was correct in my understanding/nuances of a few others (see my scribbles after the typed up poem for details) before starting my timer.  So the boys got a late dinner, but they were happy watching PJ Masks’ exploits anyway, so win-win 😉

Again, not a very easy selection, but at least the generator switched up the represented geography…


Revered  Ranivorous  Squish  Siberian  Strange  Puzzle Mumbai  Vigilant  Aquifer


Her beauty was revered far and wide,

But she was known for being ranivorous;

So her father needed an instant prince

To be his daughter’s squish.


A Siberian man, with strange bushy brows

Became her intended.  That posed a puzzle

To her native land; Mumbai a disparate climate

To the icy one he’d left.


As the romance blossomed, her father

Remained vigilant and tense.  What would occur

Should this man’s rush of feeling not find an aquifer in hers?

But he needn’t have worried.


Their love spilled into everything they did,

And their nations both rejoiced.


Scribbly stuff

As soon as ‘ranivorous’ was mentioned, I knew I was going to have a princess-type situation.  With her coming from an Indian background, it lent more weight to her having her father involved in her choice of suitor.  But a Siberian?!

I could have put a twist in the story, and had her match turn out to be a large dog; but I wasn’t sure how to weave in the other words with that tack 😛 I quite like what I ended up with, however implausible.

How would you have dealt with these words? Did you see a different story?


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2 Responses to “Ranivorous”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Another clever and amusing use of extraordinary words. Well done.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    😘 Thanks Jane! X

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