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Hey 😉 Happy New Year!!

I stayed up to the wee hours (hubby and I were just messing about on the internet and chatting about things) and then we all went for a nice wander in a forest today as a family before lunch.  We saw Christmas trees in their natural habit, but unfortunately we were a little too vocal for wildlife to come within a thousand feet of us!!  Oh the ex-static joy of the Chicken Pox abating…!

The rest of our afternoon was pretty quiet and lazy, and I got my 15 minutes to tango with the generator.

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It is not until I do a gig like this random word poetry that I realise just how many words there are out there that I know little, or indeed nothing about!  I used to think I was reasonably educated…

So I looked up ‘radon’ and (for good measure, in case I could use a different nuance) I also googled ‘filleting’.  I learned about the uses of Radon Gas, some of which I knew (but didn’t really think I knew, haha) and some of which were fresh.

So suddenly I had some lady limping about in my head.  Who’d have thought it?!


Radon   Breathless   Jolly   Blush   Mobile   Selective   Prayer   Filleting   Industry

Penniless, I stand at this radon mine –

Breathless, but pretending

It is a jolly blush

That creeps upon my cheek.


My mobile being selective

With its reception

Is an answered prayer

As he told me not to come…


But even now, I know,

The air is filleting my affliction –

My joints will be feeling better soon.

I’ve stood against the industry


And won.


Definitions, scribbles and ticks – oh my!!

I am with her husband (or whoever he is), this seems like a foolhardy plan!  But then, I am not riddled with arthritis and in constant pain.  Can’t be too much fun.

What scenario would you have come up with for these words?

Let me know, below!


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