Q & A – #NaPoWriMo23 – Day 2

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Again I have not had a lot of time to invest in today’s prompt.  I did end up with a weirdly poetic-sounding stack of five lines, however.  Maureen over at www.napowrimo.com asked us to pick 5-10 words from her suggestions, fashion a question using each of them, answer the questions, then put those answers together as our poem.  (It is explained fully here).

So this is the poem I was left with: 


A moonlit killer with a wise glint in his eye,

A pure vessel cracked by the weight of its purpose.

Our turmoils always hark back to the sea,

Roots and thirsts tether all things:

A feather’s lost upon a lowing beast.


After answering these questions that I made up from five of the offered words:


What is an Owl?

Who uses a Generator to write?

Are any of us worth our Salt?

Am I an Acorn?

What is a cowbird?


Not quite sure what the poem means (if anything!) but I don’t hate it 😉 

I wonder what Day Three will have me tinkering with?!  You’ll have to come back and find out!


Monty X

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