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Hello, lovely readers!

I have finally decided to brave Twitter, and I now own @ComfyRestless!  I set it all up a few days ago, but it wasn’t until the early hours of this morning that I actually attached the logo and banner pics.  So exciting!!

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I haven’t been on there for 24hrs yet and I have already had close to 60 spam comments to this blog 😉 is it wrong that this makes me feel appreciated?! 

I am running a spam filter plugin and moderate all the comments before they appear on here, so it’s not too much hassle to delete things and move on.  I’m sure I’ll get bored of reading the inane fake compliments soon, but right now I find it all rather amusing…  😛

Looking at today’s words, I went straight for the first image that popped into my head, and the rest just flowed from there.


Push  Advertisement  Trick  Possible  Desire  Structure  Detailed  Synonymous  Arrange


“PUSH!” they said, and WOWSERS

An advertisement can’t match it

Or movie scene enshrine it

That pain was damn intense!

What is this trick of womanhood

That’s thrust in our direction?

How is it even possible

Ladies have more than one?!


(I’ve no desire to put myself

Through that ever again!)


‘They’ said I’d got the structure,

That my body knew the motions;

That my instincts would take over

That I held a detailed plan…


But, to me, that pain’s synonymous

With torture chamber tactics!

(And to get cut open willingly’s

Not something I’d arrange)


Obviously, the speaker is not me.  I had an emergency c-section and the ‘natural’ birth thing three years later *cringes*.

Notebook page

I really wanted to hypnobirth our Eldest, but he turned breech in hospital and I had been induced twice by the time we discovered this, so was too far along for them to risk manually turning him.  I remember feeling so cheated.  I had not realised how much I would mourn the birth not going the way that I planned, and how traumatised I would feel in both body and mind after the section.

It didn’t help that I lost a lot of blood after the surgery, had been suffering PGP since ten weeks’ gestation, and had also put on three stone.  I was in a pretty sorry state for a month and a half!

I think what helped me through was a feeling of loyalty to the life inside me, and having read this site to the point of obsession religiously.  My mum was pretty impressed with how relaxed I was about my impending emergency section when I rang her from the hospital.  But by that time I just wanted my baby in my arms, and knew that a section was tame in comparison to some of the horrific things other mothers before me had gone through.  Reading sad stories had given me a kind of courage, it is all part of my process “others have survived, so you can, too”.

The rewards I got are still gorgeous and cuddly, so it was a good deal! 😉

Any birth stories you want to share with me in the comments?  Would you go through it all again?



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