Pudding Factory

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The words that came up on our anniversary post included ‘pudding’.  I dug the below out afterwards, as I knew I had seen that word come up before, but I do not have the screenshot as it was pre-blog days.

I was getting into my stride with the random poems, giving myself the 15 minute rule and inserting the words into my work in the order they came up.

I got these words that day (the 19th of December 2016):

Factory  Pudding  Mosaic  Chop  Latest  Differ  Positive  Fountain  Leadership

and this is what I wrote with them:


Outside a factory

That makes pudding,

I found a small mosaic.


I listened to the chop

And whirr of the machines

As they turned out the latest goodies.

Looked at the little tiles,

Each one blue, but seeming

To differ from each other in some way.


I thought about Rome…

All the stories from my Classics lessons,

The positive spin put on

Shenanigans in fountain and baths –

And all their questionable leadership.


Page scribbles

It doesn’t really go anywhere, but I can see the speaker in front of a building, scrabbling around in the dirt 😉

I repeated ‘each’ in the second verse.  That annoys me, but I like the poem anyway.

I even thought to doodle on the page for you – future reader I didn’t know would see it.










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