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Hiya 🙂

Well, I must say that hubby has outdone himself by picking us a gorgeous holiday cottage to stay in this week…check out our views!

Part of boys’ bedroom view.

Our kitchen aspect!


I have wanted to come to Skye for a long time (as we don’t have to go by boat!) but I have never managed it.  Hubby decided that it was high time I got to go, so we’ve made it both our family’s Summer holiday and an early 40th celebration for me 😀

We went sideways towards the west coast faaar to soon after Perth!!

The drive here was rather long, as we inadvertently left the A9 and headed to Crieff after Perth; and I had to guide us back to Dunkeld (using the smallest roadmap we have, as we seem to have misplaced the bigger one) plus we all slept in by two hours this morning and so hit all the traffic, it was raining etc etc…but there were fascinating waterfalls (some of which came out really near the road) for many miles along the way, and all around the lochs was extremely beautiful.

Hazy sunshine through the rain – random scenic ‘loch shot’ from the car.

Our cottage is very clean and comfortable: it smells of fabric softener, fragranced hand wash and surface cleanser.  There are two big chairs and a dining table in the kitchen, and I even spied a dishwasher, which is a huge novelty for us! 

Something in the livingroom caught my menfolk’s attention straight away – there is a MASSIVE telly in one corner 😉 the first thing Eldest did was go and stretch to his full length on the couch, letting out a loooong contented sigh. 

From Textfixer

The second was to ask me to put the tennis on…

There are three bedrooms, so I have bagsied the single as my writing room, and will probably be making full use of the cottage’s Wi-Fi, tapping away on my laptop intermittently of an evening, as I gaze out at the lights playing on the water (as I am right now, in fact).

There is a wooden picnic/writing table in the front garden, a couple of sunny lawns, a patio area with a chimnea, a whirligig to dry any washing I feel like doing (!) and a bench under the kitchen window to watch the world go by from.  This may be the place I have been waiting for all my life 😀


Today’s poem did not come out with a happy vibe, however.  There were no references to the tranquillity the boats induce when I gaze at them, or how brilliant it is to watch the sun sink below the Skye Bridge.

This poem has a distinct disquiet bubbling at its core, and speaks of characters with a few…difficulties…in their shared lives.


Provider  Backbone  Biggest  Casket  Wig  Colony  Degrader  Pipe  Division


He was the provider,

The backbone of her existence

(To hear him talk)

With the biggest paypacket

Of all her friends’ men.



“But we are all worth more

In a casket”

He said –

Trying to make out

She’d rather see him there, too.


His judge’s wig

Did not sit well, however.

There was a whole colony of lies

Marching on six legs

To become the degrader

Of his reputation;

And she knew them all

But loved him anyway.


She’s the bringer of the slippers

(Just stuffs some facts

In a pipe for him now and then –

Watches him puff on them

With a twisted face)


They both know where

The division of labour really lies:

Her segment’s way past half.


I feel for this couple, I hope that they dodge the karma that seems to be sneaking up on the husband, and get their happily ever afters.


Looking back at the cottage over lobster pots at the pier

Sunset at the waterfront

I am going to leave you with these pretty pictures from a late walk, to counteract whatever bad taste the poem might have left for you. 

I am off to have cake and tea with Hubby, and ponder all the story avenues that are bursting to life in my bonce 😉 na night my lovelies!


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