Prose-card Home (#NaPoWriMo Day 28)

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The optional prompt for today was to write a prose poem as if it was to go on a postcard.

Dear _____

Come take the kids from us, they’re not enjoying it! I could retire here today!  I’m coasting on seagull wings, soaking up atmosphere…they’re making it all drain away 😉 Our cottage is beautiful, right by the harbour, there’s even a village phonebox! (We’ve taught the boys chess as a small calming measure – genteel ‘battles’ make the noise drop).  There’s sunsets! And seascapes! A tooth-like ruined castle! A lighthouse just under Skye bridge!  I’ve bought myself yarn, and our beach-trip was roasting – the boys got first use of their suits. Wish I could print out these vistas to tack on my window! The week is ZOOMING to a close.  I’m SO sad this experience can’t be enjoyed more…wish my two ‘selves’ could be whole…


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