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‘Holistic’ and ‘metal’ together in a Google search  either throw up massage tables and other supplies, or a discussion about heavy metals and their effects on the body, I realised after I had written today’s poem.  I smirked at ‘bent’ and ‘science’ being together, as I know there is a whole swathe of people out there who view holistic therapies this way!

I looked up holistic science (again after the poem was written) and got this back, along with the course page for the only UK university who seems to offer it as a degree.  It all sounds intriguing!


Metal   Holistic   Stop   Rich   Bent   Science   Certain   Employ   Tangy

I was presented with a metal box

Rattling with holistic promise.

Her eyes did not stop seeking mine;

A rich, deep brown for me to whirl in.


Bent on rescuing me – and suspicious of outsider science –

My wife gave that certain look

That let me know the other woman

Was deemed in the Devil’s employ.


I set down the box, and left;

Some tangy perfume lingering on my hands.


Notebook workings

I am not sure a metal box would be proffered by a practitioner of holistic medicine, having tapped around the subject a bit! 

When I put ‘holistic box’ into Google I got back many pages flogging boxes of monthly posted goodies. I clicked on this list of tried and tested ones, and again was quite taken with all the paraphernalia and healthy yummy stuff.  Not sure many would deliver to the UK without bankrupting me, however 😉

I wish I had delved into the alternative therapies and Yoga etc, when I had the time.  My posture is awful, plus I often feel I would really have benefited from some meditation training!  I should have immersed myself in learning things like astral projection and remote viewing, too, cos with my brain who knows where I’d have ended up?! 

But then my husband and I would not have clicked so well, (and probably never have met) and that would have been a huge loss to my little world.  He is firmly planted on the ‘reductionism science’ side of life!

As to the actual poem ‘I’ wrote (still wrestling with the me/muse/subconscious debate) again I am at a bit of a loss:

What resides in the box?

Who is the brown eyed woman?  Why is she looking at the speaker so intently? 

Is all as it seems?  Is the box a message/metaphor?

Is it just jealousy that makes the wife want her partner to leave abruptly, discarding the box?


Let me know what train of thought fastened together when you read today’s words and/or the resulting poem 😉


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