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How do?

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Well, I wanted sunshine with a bit of heat in it, and I got it today!  The world looked better for it, and I wish the kids had donned a brighter disposition so that we could maybe have enjoyed it a bit more 😉

We did get their hair tamed, however.  Eldest is now sporting a very short hairstyle, and Youngest’s curls have been tidied up well (no shaving of his head while he still has the gorgeous squiggles!).  I have my appointment booked for the 8th of April, and I’ll be very glad to be rid of my dirty roots and get my shaved sides back again.  Exciting stuff!

There was not much scope for talking about hair in the generated words, unless of course we went fully down the bridal route.  What came out seems to have a bit more backstory than we are shown, and I wonder what it is…


Praise  Marriage  Bubble  Service  Peak  Constituency  Rack  Depart  Favourite


He heaped praise upon my marriage

Making it out to be this protective bubble;

A huge service to, and probably the peak of,

My life to date. 


I looked at him.

This ‘man’, part of my husband’s constituency,

I remembered from schooldays:

Leaning in to comment on my “rack” –

And guffawing with his mates.


How times do change!


I made to depart, and he stood

Playing the perfect gentleman, stiffly.

No doubt something in my expression said

He was no favourite of mine.


Notebook Page in Spring Green…

Do you get a menacing air from the man?  Or just a chauvinistic one?  I at first thought he would just come across as some hanger-on of her husband’s, but when I re-read it there I caught more of an undertone.

I didn’t really ‘see’ the characters for this one.  They both had their backs to me, and were sitting on some posh chairs at a function, facing a table with the debris of a buffet on it.  I got the impression it was a big room and others were milling about elsewhere, but the woman had been cornered by the guy for quite a while, and she wanted to ditch him. 

I also thought that she didn’t have any real friends in the room, and that her husband was off making a business/political deal and she was usually left alone like this at these bashes.

What did you see when you read the poem?


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