Popular Guilt

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Hey there 😉

After the nice couple yesterday, we are back to the darker side of life today, I’m afraid!  The first and last word kinda sealed that deal, don’t you think?

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The first two lines came to me, then I had to quickly build a scenario for why they would be said.  ‘Drops’ then dictated the tense I would have to use for the rest of the poem.

This read as a reporting as-it-happened style, so that made me think of the media and how it collects soundbites (the first two lines could be a soundbite).  Journalists have to flirt sometimes to get people to say things they can use, don’t they…?

Then I needed blood to be spilt, somehow…


Guilty   Popular   Drops   Stiff   Fuel   Sexiest   Blunder   Seducer   Bleeder

“He was only guilty

Of being popular”

Sobs his mother

As she drops the red rose.


No stiff upper lip

At this gathering;

Yet more fuel

For the thirsty media.


“He was always voted

As the sexiest”

A doe-eyed girl

Is heard to blunder.


The cocky journalist

In the leather jacket

Swaggers past:

A pressing seducer.


The shots take everyone

By complete surprise.


That leather number

Covers the first bleeder.


I had in the back of my mind the idea of popularity being linked to American high school students, so a gun being involved for ‘bleeder’ was not much of a stretch (unfortunately).

The male journalist getting easy fodder for his articles by chatting up saddened young ladies, who had been a little in love with the popular lad who had died, seemed an easy fit, too.


I’ve watched too much CSI, Castle, Buffy, Charmed, Medium, Ghost Whisperer & co in my time, obviously 😉

Let me know in the comments what scene this word selection conjured for you!




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