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“…Today I’d like to challenge you to try your hand at a meta-poem of your own.” [NaPoWriMo site]

I sat and blew out my cheeks a bit, wondering just how I was supposed to start writing a poem about poetry. I then read the examples given in the prompt for today and the below came out in a rush:


When there’s a huge tangled mess in your pathways,

If after downtime alone it’s not solved;

If a thought won’t take heed of what pals say

(Instead of surrendering it’s evolved)

Then – my dear! – thrash it out on your notepad,

Shake it loose, get it down, set it free!

Maybe then your innards will not feel sad?

And, what’s more, you’ll have birthed poetry


So that’ll be Day 28 of Global/National Poetry Writing Week wrapped up then, and with a decent rhyming scheme, too!

Two more days to go…


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