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Good Evening 🙂

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This has been a trying day.  I may write a post about it at a later point, when I can formulate a positive spin on it *blows raspberry*

Let’s just leave it at “I’ll be glad when it’s bedtime” 😉

I saw today’s words, in my less than calm state, and I knew it was going to be a parenting-type poem again.  I don’t think I’ll be alone in the subject matter, if your kids/grandkids/siblings’ kids are anything like our two! 

It did cheer me up writing it, so there’s a positive to cling to straight away 😛


Plot  Collar  Intelligent  Route  Share  Advice  Remove  Memory  Wave


It’s amusing that they never think

I’ll figure out the plot;

Like they’re some great masterminds:

Their collar never pulled.

They are intelligent, I’ll give them that,

Their route is ever-changing;

But my mum-sense always tingles

(Plus: they don’t clean up too well)


I’ve heard them point out that they meant to share,

That others sin much greater;

That youngest did the deed alone,

On no advice at all.

I’ve heard that toys remove themselves

That memory is patchy;

That wrappers can jump out of bins,

And fingerprints can lie.


But they’re still young enough, that if I say

Their nose grew, they might check it;

Their hearts are still so full of love

That mum-rage makes them sad.

So I think that maybe I can say

Society ain’t threatened;

Let them crest a wave of fibs –

Before I shut them down…


Pink poetry

Anyone else out there dreading the day the little darlings become better at leading you up the garden path?! I admire the imagination involved, of course, but still…


What whoppers have you heard recently?  Did you manage to keep a straight face while you blew them out of the water?!


Let me know in the comments…!





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