Pies For Lil Guys

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Please excuse the grainy screenshot and notebook page today! Creativity on the hoof is sometimes like that 😉

I was in a doctor’s waiting room earlier, with too much time on my hands, so I thought I would generate a RandomLists set of 9 words and get creative! 

When I saw the selection, my mind immediately went back to illustrations in Enid Blyton books, and I also thought about the many occasions Hubby and I ate apple pie together in our child-free days, snuggled up on our (sadly demised now) Futon in front of the TV. 

Good times 🙂




Pies  Gleaming  Children  Addicted  Rich  Gate  Stone  Stream  Romantic


We could see the pies:

Like treasure, gleaming.


Us children, addicted to sweetness,

Would feel so rich

If we could just reach in

And grab them through the gate…


Cooling, cooling –

We knew they were best warm,

Best fresh off the stone windowsill;

A stream of steam

Misting as we ate –

Us blowing on it frantically

Eager for that first bite!


Pies would always surpass

Our most romantic expectations

When Granny made them!



I drew the pie for my page today with the help of this video 🙂


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