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So is everyone else still eating far too much and developing a bit of a worrying over-dependency on chocolate and salt and vinegar crisps?! Good good…

I had never run across the word ‘picayune’ before.  I tapped the pronunciation tool a few times to try and get it in my head before I created my poem this evening.  Putting it together with ‘roomy’, I decided I would take the property angle; firstly plumping for a holiday cottage, then a hotel suite with ‘exotic’ being in there.  But ‘dashing’ and ‘craven’ made me turn to consider a George Wickham type setting up some shoddy deal, especially as it is the second day in a row I’ve generated ‘disgusting’…


Roomy   Exotic   Dashing    Shy   Picayune   Disgusting   Tame   Warm   Craven

I suppose it was roomy enough,

That exotic patch of nothing

His dashing ways had sold me.

Oh yes, he had not been shy

In peddling me the picayune ruin

With its disgusting ‘décor’

(And surprisingly tame rodents).

At least the weather was warm that day

And took some of the sting from his craven dealings.



Our youngest has reached the particularly bothersome stage of his Chicken Pox, and was lying on our bed finding it difficult to get to sleep.  It is such a wrench to see him so uncomfortable – I remember it all too well, even 34 years on!

He had his “sk-eeky mouse” in with him for a cuddle and, having been crocheted by Santa, the mouse needed a small operation to fix a loose end before I got to work on my poem.  So once I saw today’s  words and started writing,  tame rodents were near the top of my brain!

Have you ever been seduced into buying a property? Let me know in the comments!


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