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A roll of the Jimpix generator broke my wee run of unhappy poetry, and gave me a young character I’d like to meet in real life 🙂









Phoebe  Coronet  Manners  Haxwell  Gillcambon  Fish  Thompson  Tawny  Stragglers


Phoebe thinks of herself

As worthy of a coronet.

She’s all about manners

And even expects Haxwell

To give her a polite paw.


We rambled through Gillcambon Beck

Looking for fish

In our Thompson way;

Hooking our tawny hair

Behind Thompson ears.


(Phoebe dislikes being tickled,

So has a surfeit of clips

In her neat little pockets:

Spends a silly amount of time

Smoothing stragglers and tangles)




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