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I wrote this poem earlier this afternoon. 

This evening it is a week since the London terror attack, and two days since the close of the UK’s snap election voting window.

I was thinking about how the news has been pretty dominated by the fallout from Thursday, and put the fact that we are on high alert for another terrorist attack somewhat on the back burner.

There have been more prominent reports of where the London investigation has got to, and how Londoners are coping a week on, since I wrote the below, but it was how I felt at that moment in time.


Guide  Ignorant  Doubtful  Awful  Befitting  Flag  Bizarre  Periodic  Question


…An over-interviewed tour guide

Tired but earnest,

Eager to inform the ignorant

Or doubtful

That this event was indeed awful…

…Silent sweeps of skylines

With, befitting the events,

Each flag hung at half mast…


Bizarre that these images

Have been overtaken so quickly

By our not-so-periodic

Flurry of voting

(And the DUP question)


Is this refusing to be cowed?

Or just herding more lumps under carpets?


It has been a week of extreme scrutiny for London and its people.  It is lovely to see the community coming together to help one another, and keep strong.  As more and more details emerge of last Saturday night, I worry for those living there in the weeks and months to come.  I hope we manage to thwart any new plots against us, and give the UK a bit of breathing space while we sort ourselves out.


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