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Hey there 🙂

I have decided to explore a few different types of poetry while the kids are off (I am hoping to get back to some short stories come the 8th of January).  I found this site that sets each type forward in layman’s terms. 

Today I also looked at this YouTube video explaining the complexities of Iambic Pentameter (ten syllables to a line, an unstressed one followed by a stressed one, in five pairs) and decided to attempt some Blank Verse (a poem which does not rhyme but uses iambic pentameter) 😉

Suddenly I was right back in the lecture halls of Stirling University


pinky splotches I thought of you in perfect rhyme, but did

Not tell my pen; who has her own sweet mind.

Instead, pink-scrawled, I think she formed iambs.

(Though Blank Verse baffles me, it must be said).



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