Penned Petals – #inktober2019 – Day 16

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Hiya 🙂

The Inktober prompt for Day 16 was “wild” so I went onto Pixabay to get some flowery inspiration.

I used this picture and started with the lovely sunflowers:

I then moved on to the pinky-purple flowers in the middle, trying to get the feel of the undulating petals, and popped in a bud and another flower for good measure.

I really like all the little details I managed to get in (especially as the bud looks like something with evil intent?) so I again decided not to paint anything.  Three days in a row of just pen with no pencil underneath, then no colourful additions!  I really do find I lose myself in the drawing more when I know mistakes are not as easy to fix!

I doodled some made-up flowers to fulfil my painting quota for today.  The orange one looks more like an insignia, but no matter 😉

So now we are definitely half way through our month of ink! Catch you soon for Day 17’s pen adventures 🙂

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