Over My Head

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Hi 🙂

With all the stories I have been writing recently, my unpenned poems were getting jealous:


I took a ‘holiday’…

Breathed in the covers 

Over my head;

Closed my eyes to the mess

Adorning my discipline;


Frowned at the laundry – arm in the bed

Amassing dust 

Even though it was clean.


My body creaked:

Grumbled its mutiny

As I flicked through videos 

Of motivated people.


My stationary self

(A human ‘being’)

Had to stop striving

Before the mind checked out.


You can call it


If you wish.


Though it feels anything but luxurious

Knowing what consequences

Are pressing ‘gainst the chiffon layers

Of my light and dark.


Be assured

I am never really ‘off’

(That lever’s rusted solid,

My Excalibur of sorts)


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Glad you haven’t given up the poetry

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