Ornament-gel – #inktober2019 – Day 17

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Today’s Inktober prompt was “ornament” so I went for a Christmassy theme.  I am definitely not someone who has got everything ready months in advance, or has the tree up at the end of November or anything, but I have very few ‘unseasonal’ ornaments out these days thanks to our rambunctious children, so these archetypal shapes in my memory had to do 😉

I added colour today, but it is technically all still inked because I used my lovely set of gel pens one of my brothers in law gave me as a gift (and a bright orange biro I had for penning poetry) 🙂

I did the below as my quick painted piece for the day – the height of the sun and the colours/reflection don’t really match, but it’s a doodle in paint and that’s what I was after 😉

Remember: if you are doing Inktober, or indeed art of any kind, I’d love to see your work.  Please leave me a link in the comments and I’ll come and visit your page or blog.

Meet you back here for Day 18! 😉

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