Opening – #NaPoWriMo20 – Day 1

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I really hope this post finds you all well?

I haven’t been doing earth-shattering things over the last few months that I was away from the blog, but interesting things none the less.

There have been teeth lost and creative offerings left under a happy little boy’s pillow. I will elaborate on that in future posts. 

My sketch books sport doodles aplenty, I even went through a spate of following YouTube videos to start teaching myself one (and two) point perspective in drawing.  I managed to do a doodle or part of a larger drawing EVERY day from mid-February 2019 until the 13th of December, but then the kids caught a nasty tummy-bug-fever-thing – and once we got over that we were swept away by Christmas…but I got back into the practice of producing a doodle or part of a drawing every day by the end of January 2020 and I know it’s going to sustain me through all the lockdown measures in the weeks (and possibly months) to come.

I did have a nice little writing practice going, where I wrote at least 500 words a day, for more than six months in 2019; but it also fell by the wayside when the kids got ill. Now (somehow) we are in April 2020 and I’ve not written creatively with any regularity for a quarter of a year!!  Eeek!

But 2020’s NaPoWriMo challenge has urged me to fill that void with its optional writing prompts and thought-provoking nudges to look for inspiration in interesting places 😊

Today’s prompt was to “make a specific action a metaphor for your life”. I wrote the below, which is probably too literal to be a metaphor…


Upon Opening *That* Cupboard


And again: I face my nemesis

The place I dread – the one I miss

Out of the plans, because it is

A seething, shame-filled stack of shizz.


[But shizz I ‘need’

And shizz I ‘want’

Shizz that, if tossed,

My dreams would haunt!

(Because: a shizz-pile towering tall

Cannot mean I’m, in fact, small…?)


A past collected in one place

Becomes, then, a fixed point in space.

It matters (does it not?) that I

Could have my mess from rockets spied?!


A declaration: (arms outflung)

“I came! I lived! I AM SOMEOOOONE!”


And one day,


They could build

A new me

From the dust and silt…??]


The last few lines are something I turn over in my head a lot (!) so I have probably written something very similar on this blog before?! I have over 520 posts on here, though, so I have no idea how to begin looking for it, but know that one day history will probably roll its eyes at my repetitiveness 😉

Catch me in my next post to see what I make of Day 2’s prompt…


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