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The words were again pretty straightforward today, and seemed to be quite well connected.  I fell back on the old favourite of a parent speaker once more, to explore the theme I got in my head. I still only just finished it within the time limit, however!



Pretend    Commando   Knowing   Binocular   Behead   Firearm   Director   Link   Web 

I do not like to see our children pretend

To be a commando that crawls to cheat death.

I watch them, while knowing deep inside my heart

That there’s a binocular, trained

Upon each of our backs by the casters of fate.

We do not the outcomes all see:

With each daisy my boys, in their jest, do behead

I think of prisoners dealt with the same.


A stick-firearm pointed at giggling friends,

One small voice the director of wars;

Their only link to that world from fantasy and fun,

And what they pick up from the web.

Such innocent frolics, much laughter and fun,

Then a hug, some food, bluster and smiles.

As the party troop home to their safe little lives,

Only I think of mothers who can’t.


Purple prose

I used ‘fun’ twice in the last verse, and I’m not sure the last line completely works; but it is an ok first attempt, in my view 😉

How do you feel about kids playing at being soldiers and having battles?  Did you enjoy such games as a child?

Is there ever any way to protect our children from such play, when the most popular cartoons all seem to have some sort of missile/bomb/gun/laser/battle/mild violence in them?!

What would you have written about using today’s word selection?

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