One Moron: To Go

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Hiya 🙂

Fittingly, on the last day of my ‘phrase’ challenge, Jane’s line produced the largest amount of words I’ve managed in 20 mins yet! (377, to be exact).  If I maintained that rate a lot, I’d be producing around 1% of a book an hour…not bad, eh?!

Jane’s line became the opener for my piece today:


“Life,” he concluded “was an oxymoron.”  His head then went down on the wooden table in front of me, with a theatrical bump.  I imagined cartoon Zs floating above him, before beginning to seriously worry about him vomiting on me.

I caught the Bartender’s attention and whispered my predicament in his ear (after removing my coat and bag from my chair, just in case).  I decided this first real date was over, and therefore I was within my rights to leave – especially now that two strapping gents were hauling Lachlin to his feet.  I didn’t want to see him in any light other than the fanciful rose-tinted one from across the seminar table (or the pub one, about an hour earlier).  I was kicking myself for bringing up his divorce; and for letting him move onto shots a few minutes later…shot glasses and Jack Daniels

I wondered what he’d say to me the next day.  Whether it would be a phonecall or a sheepish text.  Had I just blown all chances of seeing him again?  Was I actually getting a message from the universe here? 

At least I could tell him that his last words before passing out were beautifully paradoxical.  That might save the situation.  Could an oxymoron ever be seen as having a past tense?  Especially life. Had he now become immortal because he had left her?  Or did he just mean that he now felt he could actually breathe, and therefore function with choice and vitality, now she wasn’t disapproving of every muscle he twitched?

The rational side of me started telling me how much of a cliché this story was: that him going on about being a free spirit might seem fresh and exciting now, but actually showed a worrying tendency to run from responsibility.  That tutors weren’t meant to fraternise with their students (remember?)  Yes, even those over 21 and ‘mature’.

I wasn’t acting very mature, was I?

Was he?

There was always two sides to every tale, maybe stability was what she wanted – wasn’t that what I wanted, later in life?  Wasn’t a free spirit getting married the true oxymoron here?!  Shouldn’t I just run now before I was pesky moss to be rolled off, too?

Was that a bit of a mixed metaphor??

I hated waiting for taxis by myself.


Puts a new slant on the concept of sleeping with a girl on the first date, doesn’t it?! 

I hope you have all enjoyed my Facebook Fiction forays over the past 12 days – I have definitely loved the challenge of writing them!!   Thank you and BIG hugs to all the lovely ladies who came up with diverse sentences to get my mind ticking, I relish others taking the time to indulge my creative explorations (and play)  😉

Keep an eye on the page tomorrow to see what the next challenge will be, and please do get involved.  Random Word Generators are useful tools, but I’d rather know what directions you lovely lot want to send me in 😉

Until then, I shall go and chill out a bit; it has seemed like a fast weekend and I am feeling the November gloom descending, despite my best efforts.  Remind me why we humans don’t hibernate??

Catch you all tomorrow…


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Well done! Enjoyed this hugely

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Awww fab, it was an inspiring prompt! 😉 x

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