On Finding That Shine – #NaPoWriMo19 – 12

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“Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem about a dull thing that you own, and why (and how) you love it”

said the sage of NaPoWriMo

The first two lines popped into my head immediately, and I just riffed from there…


I attach sentimental meaning

To many a ‘dull’ thing

I employ imagination

And imbue them with some zing.


That bent knitting needle worked hard, so

I give my reverence;

The boys’ sippy cups hold water now

For painting forays hence.


Those wall-holes from the old stairgate

Look just like a jaunty face.

That stopped clock reminds me of the years

When we shared hubby’s first place.


This laundry bin is so ancient, 

But its shape just pleases me.

I should chuck these comfy trousers, 

Yet they saw me through two pregnancies!


So I ponder the definition

Gather up arguments

And remain a happy hoarder

Shining my ‘dull’ implements…


My prosody is a little off in places, but I’m not stressing about that too much at this time of night 😛

What dull things do you love in your house? (No being nasty about your family, now…!)

See you tomorrow! 🙂


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