On Feeling Powerful

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How do?!

I have been working on a crochet project this last week (will probably put a post up about it after the weekend) and therefore I have been watching a LOT of YouTube after the kids have gone to bed. 

*None of the links in this post are making me money, I’m just sharing the love here*

As I mentioned a while ago, I had been binge-watching Hoarders to give myself a kick to start getting our house decluttered, but I was running out of episodes, and also feeling a bit depressed by them.  To lift my mood, I decided to search for more upbeat decluttering videos…and stumbled across Brittany’s channel

Well, this woman is amazing!!  She makes the first time mother gig look gooood, but somehow doesn’t annoy me 😉  I am in serious danger of sending her some fan mail (and lots of hugs, because she works incredibly hard on her videos, spends 14 hours a day with her baby and is a fellow breastfeeder to boot.  Anyone who has a note about the La Leche League on their Google Keep app deserves a high five, if you ask me!)

Go check her blog out if you like beauty tips (her family have a skincare line: Vasseur Skincare) and catch her YouTube videos that touch on routines, planning, cleaning and organisation in the home; with lots of gorgeous camera work (and family time).  I loved looking at how she has evolved her routines from before she gave birth (she was even gorgeous mere days before her due date) to the beautiful vlogs she produces now!  (Youngest is very taken with baby Carter)

Brittany has a motivational style and is not afraid to tell her followers how she has battled anxiety in her life.  She was fab company through my creative endeavours!

I finished the crochet project yesterday afternoon (Tuesday), but by the small hours of Monday I had moved on to watching TED talks.  One on finding your life’s purpose, then another about how we should be taught emotional hygiene – I watched LOADS.  Uplifting and inspiring stuff, even at 2am! 

By yesterday evening, I was even learning about the top tips we should glean from the likes of Oprah Winfrey.  

Today (because I was in creative comedown) I discovered Mel Robbins and her 5 Second Rule that proposes that ‘motivation is garbage’.  I also listened to a touching TED talk about creating mental strength, as I was tapping around a few blog related things while Hubby bathed the kids.

Eventually I found my way back to my usual motivation guru, Brendon Burchard.  He has such infectious enthusiasm and drive, and I love how his backstory gave him a lightbulb moment that went on to change his life (and many others’).

By this time, my guardian angel (or whatever) obviously had a big eye-roll moment.  Inexplicably, when Brendon said: “you can do anything, if you stop trying to do everything” on my tablet, the Google functionality that lets you speak to confirm what you want to search activated itself on my nearby phone…  The first article, in the Google recommendations I clicked on, opened with: “All that porn isn’t helping you.  Productivity porn, that is.

My angel doesn’t pull punches 😀

Anyway, I thought back to all I had been listening to when I read today’s generated words, and wrote the below about an imaginary person (because that is my kinda productive!):


Mailbox  Wild  Notice  Nutritious  Can  Nail  Powerful  Sack  Ask


As another rejection ‘slip’

Landed in my mailbox,

That momentary wild notion

To take notice of what other people thought

Seized me.


I repeated my success mantras,

Dropped the offending email

Into the trash;

Had a nutritious snack

And thought about what I CAN do.


I didn’t ruin a healthy nail

With worrying motions;

I remembered that victim thinking

Stops me from being powerful.

That night, I hit the sack early, too.


This universe will give me what I want –

I just need to figure out

The best way to ask for it…


It’s amazing how many times I have gone to pick up this book, read to the middle and been distracted…!

My boys were interested in why I had switched my viewing habits, as they had become used to gambolling out of the playroom after ‘Daddy Time’ and finding me frantically folding laundry or sorting through junk boxes while huge trucks were hauling away someone’s possessions on the tablet in front of me!  They also were wondering why lots of videos of “just people talking” had appeared overnight in the history of my account when they went to look for their favourite cartoons on YouTube 😉

The kids were not impressed with Brendon, and couldn’t understand why I wanted to see someone talk at me “when they are not real people”.  Having had to explain to them both many times that Scooby Doo and Shaggy are just drawings (and that is why they can eat so much) this tickled me 😉



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