On A Scenic Bench

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This is from randomwordgenerator.com again.

Hi there!

Another (mostly) cheerful poem came together for this lovely Christmas Eve.  ‘Park’ and ‘hobby’ were a nice combination!

How are you all feeling now that Santa’s about to make his appearance? There was a flurry of excitement in our house this morning, as we had the maiden outing of the Christmas Eve Box.  It went down very well with our boys, and we all participated in a nice cuddly heap on the couch, watching ‘Inside Out’ on DVD (I was sobbing, I didn’t expect to be affected so much by all the emotions, believe it or not!) followed by ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ (!).  Our three year old has the dreaded Pox, so he dozed off before the first film started, but our six year old loved all that viewing time with his family.  It is something we rarely do in the hubbub of work and attention spans, it is usually one or two episodes of a tried and tested programme, then a request for a game of something completely different from someone or other!  Our kids are growing up so fast…

Scribbledyness from my notebook.


This poem is not entirely based on real events, but is something I dream about doing on sunny days!  I could not resist bringing a bit of politics into the mix after seeing ‘camp’ followed by ‘tycoon’, either.  I shall refrain from expanding that argument…though you are welcome to explore it in a poem in the comments!  (Just please be respectful of others’ views as I know it can be an emotive topic)


Park    Money    Fold    Peasant    Hobby    Camp    Tycoon    Slide    Spend

In a quiet park

I paid my money;

Only a fiver leaving the fold.

I fed the birds the last of my chips

And, like a peasant artist,

I flaunted my hobby

On a scenic bench.


Later, I put the pen away,

Took out a newspaper,

(Still enjoying the air)

And read of a squalid refugee camp

Juxtaposed with the ramblings

Of a sandy-haired tycoon.


Lots of the children used the slide.


It was an easy way

To spend my sunny afternoon.


Not having tweaked the above past the creation time allotted, I realise now that I set the poem in a ‘quiet park’ but then remark that ‘lots of children used the slide’.  I suppose that it was quiet to start off with, then ‘later’ (first line of second verse) the park filled up?  Maybe it was a school day and the kids all piled in after 3pm, as I assert it was a ‘sunny afternoon’?  Not sure, but I quite like this poem and it sort of works.

Come, tell me what you think 😉


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