Of Volleyball and Meditation

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Hello 😊

I am a bit late this week with a post, time has marched ahead of me as usual. I hope you all had a good weekend?

The poems I am going to share today both came from my dabblings with the Randomlists generator on the 21st, in my writing session after my last post.  The first poem floated up after listening to some Mindvalley talks on YouTube (especially by Vishen Lakhiani) and the second just popped into my head from the words I was presented with, as often happens.   

I hope you enjoy them 😊





Prefer   Beg   Massive   Library   Stretch   Donkey   Guiltless   Sisters   Story


I prefer to meditate,

Then I feel I do not have to beg

For inspiration.


Instead, I am handed it

From the massive library of human consciousness –

Melded together in a new form

That seems a stretch for my mind.


But it is really the universe

That does the donkey work.


And I can sit here:

Revered and yet guiltless of fraud,

Pulled in the right directions

By a force greater than any of us.


Come, my soul sisters and brothers,

Let my story wash over you

And bid you strive for greater things.






Volleyball   Sheet   Calm   Jam   Lush   Injure   Collect   Next   Tempt


The smell of the ink

Made me think of long-ago Sundays

With my dad propped against the sun lounger

Hiding from our games of volleyball;

Turning each smudged sheet

While cultivating calm.


I would keep him company sometimes,

Dribbling strawberry jam

Down my t-shirts

While he pointed out the best football players

Or read to me a bit.


Our un-lush grass

Would see me injure myself a lot:

The smallest body

Jumping for the ball.


He would collect up my limbs,

Count them theatrically

And put me down next to him;

Tempt my smiles back

With sweet treats or songs.


It doesn’t matter how old I get,

Those memories keep me whole.


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I particularly like the second one. I like the tenderness of the memories

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