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Hiya! 😉

Hubby was talking about shares and Warren Buffett today, so when ‘asset’ and ‘correction’ came up it raised a smile!  I also grinned at ‘supply’ because I had just come off a natural term

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breastfeeding page on Facebook… 

The internet is monitoring my day…!

For the third time in a row, my poem features kids.  Not quite my kids, but pretty similar to the crazy three-year-old-and-new-baby gig we did in 2013. ( I miss those days, but I also like getting a bit more sleep! Toilet training has advanced since then, too.)


Asset   Correction   Tent   Wear out   Supply   Bed   Bounce   Star   Suspect

As I closed down the screen

Affirming the stellar performance

Of our latest asset;

I made the slightest correction

To our baby’s head –

And woke him up.


From somewhere inside his tent

(Made of flowery bedsheets

And pegs I never use)

Our eldest squawked as well.

Why do toddlers refuse to wear out

Faster than parents’ supply of patience?!


He leapt onto my bed

And the poor baby

Proceeded to bounce closer

To full alert mode.

(Though he was a star and settled

On a handy boob mere seconds later).


That’s when I realised:

The toddler’s pull-ups

Smelt a bit suspect…


There is perhaps a bit of work to be done here on clarifying the he in a couple of lines, but I think one can probably figure it out ok.  I needed more time to go back and think of something else to work ‘star’ in, too. But hey-ho 😉

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Would you have been camping properly with these words?

 …pacing the stockmarket floor?

 …investigating a murder…?

 …or something completely different?






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